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The writer Miguel de Cervantes once said 'To Rome, for everything’ and he was right! With a rich history, fantastic food and some of the most recognisable landmarks in the world, the 'Eternal City' of Rome has it all!

The capital of Italy, and of the Lazio region, Rome is located on the central-western part of the country and two thousand years ago the city was the heart of the Roman Empire which ruled over one-third of the world. It was the poet Tibullus who first referred to Rome as the ‘Eternal City’ in the 1st century BC, inspiring many to believe the city would last forever. The legacy of the Roman empire is still prominent today with the iconic Colosseum, where gladiators once fought in brutal combats and the Roman Forum which was once used for various social and political functions. After the collapse of the Roman Empire, the city of Rome came roaring back to prominence many years later during the Renaissance. The Vatican City and St Peter's Basilica are areas of historical significance and home to some of the most incredible pieces of art. 

Rome enjoyed another "renaissance" from the 1950s, when the famous films of  ‘Roman Holiday’ and ‘La Dolce Vita’ helped promote the city as a holiday destination. These days, it still has a cosmopolitan, sophisticated culture, with art, dance, opera and film all prominent parts of the city's lifestyle.

We've outlined some general information that may be helpful to you when planning your next holiday to Rome.

Time Zone & Currency

Time Zone & Currency

Italy is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) throughout the year. The currency in Italy is the Euro. 

Weather In Rome

Weather In Rome

The climate is generally pleasant; warm and sunny in spring and autumn and hot and dry in summer.

Reading For Your Trip To Rome

Reading For Your Trip To Rome

A Time in Rome by Elizabeth Bowen

Angels & Demons by Dan Brown

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Best time to go to Rome

Summer temperatures routinely top 30 degrees, but we tend to travel in the spring and autumn months which are still usually warm and sunny, but not stifling. So be prepared for some sun when you take a holiday in Rome.

Top Tourist Attractions In Rome

Top 10 things to do in Rome

Top 10 things to do in Rome

Rome has a captivating blend of culture, cuisine and historical sights. Whether you're an art lover, history enthusiast or a serious foodie, there is plenty to discover in one of the most breath-taking cities in the world.

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Food and drink in Rome

Food is a major aspect of what it means to be Roman, and visitors are in for a gastronomic treat when they take holidays to Rome. It's the birthplace of spaghetti alla carbonara, which mixes pasta, bacon and egg, as well as salty pecorino Romano cheese. But there are also rich amatriciana pasta sauces, stuffed artichokes (carciofi) and delicious herb-seasoned lamb chops to get your teeth into. And, that's before we even get onto Roman wines like Frascati - a crisp, refreshing white wine.

Rome Travel Guide FAQs

Can you give a brief history of Rome?


The city itself is famously laid out across seven hills, and has been since Roman times. The legend goes that in 776 BC, Rome was founded by twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were seen as a threat by their uncle and left to die beside the River Tiber. They were rescued by the god Tiberinus in the form of a she-wolf, they were taken in by a shepherd and went on to found one of the great world cities. The Roman Empire ruled for over a thousand years until it fell in 476 AD, then followed the long period of the 'Dark Ages' and the establishment of the papacy. The Renaissance began in 14th century and Rome played a key role in artistic and architectural movements. This included the construction of St. Peter's Basilica, which began in 1506 and wasn't completed until 1626, and the painting of the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. After the end of the Renaissance, the Neoclassical movement then influenced Rome in the 18th century with the creation of the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. During the Napoleonic era Rome was occupied by French forces and in 1861 the Unification of Italy occurred and Rome became the capital of modern Italy in 1870. In 1922, the 'March on Rome', a demonstration and coup marked the beginning of Benito Mussolini's rise to power; he ruled Italy until 1943. In 1929 Vatican City officially became a an independent nation state and during WW2 they adopted a stance of neutrality.

Is there a dress code for The Vatican?


Yes, there is a dress code for visiting The Vatican, particularly when entering St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Museums. Both men and women need to ensure they are not wearing revealing clothing, like low cut tops, shoulders and knees need to be covered as well. 

I have walking difficulties, is a holiday in Rome suitable?


Our guided tours in Rome and Umbria will involve periods of walking and standing, at times on uneven or cobbled surfaces. There will be steep inclines or steps to negotiate at some locations, with early morning starts in some cases. A reasonable degree of health and mobility is required. For all our tours we have an activity level guide to help you decide which holiday suits you best. For specific advice regarding our Rome and Umbria tours and to discuss any special needs, please contact us directly and we will be happy to assist.     

Is Rome a good holiday destination?


Our popular​​​ Highlights of Rome and Umbria including Assisi holiday allows you to see all the famous sights of the Eternal City, while still allowing you to retreat to the scenic countryside and visit surrounding destinations. A Rome City Break allows you to spend your time in and around the city and really absorb the atmosphere. It's one of those unmissable Italy destinations that offers everything. If you love art, well, it's crammed with Renaissance gems. If you are into history, again, there's no better place.

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