Highlights of Namibia - Solo Traveller

Highlights of Namibia - Solo Traveller

Highlights of Namibia - Solo TravellerNamibia
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    Your Guided Solo Traveller Holiday To Namibia

    Experience Namibia’s top attractions and discover one of the top safari destinations in Africa on this unforgettable solo traveller holiday. This will be an exciting small group experience, our African adventure will begin with a short tour of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia, before travelling on to Sossusvlei or the “Dune Sea.” Located in the Namib Naukluft Park and one of Namibia's most spectacular landmarks, we will enjoy the sunrise over the red dunes and there’s an opportunity to climb the highest Dune in the area, ‘Big Daddy’, at 325 metres. We’ll travel through Damaraland and see Brandberg, the highest mountain in Namibia, before beginning your search for the elusive Desert Elephants on your safari trek. We’ll explore Etosha, Africa’s 3rd largest game park, which showcases the best of free roaming Namibia wildlife and rarest species. In Otjiwa there will be a high possibility of spotting the White Rhino, as they are more concentrated in this area. Take this incredible solo traveller holiday and discover the highlights of Namibia. 

    Please Note:

    • This holiday includes 10 lunches and dinners, and breakfast is included each day of your stay in Namibia
    • For departures from Dublin, outbound and return flights will be via Doha or Frankfurt depending your chosen date.
    • For departures from London, outbound and return flights will be via Doha or Frankfurt depending your chosen date.
    • This tour is operated by an overland Safari truck, designed for off road experience, while on tour. The roads in Namibia can often be rough and bumpy, and the robust safari truck is an ideal way to travel in this unique terrain, through the national parks, where it is more difficult for coaches to go.
    •  Air-conditioning is very rare in Safari trucks in Namibia, it is mostly a dry climate; opening windows can help, however there may be heat and dust due to the desert environment.
    • There will be stops for comfort breaks, and some days can be long with early starts. The truck is small and fits 15 people, offering a better safari experience.
    Tour Map

    Trip Itinerary

    Activity Level 4

    Activity Level: Busy

    What does this level mean?


    Travel to Namibia


    Depart for Windhoek, Namibia

    We begin our adventure as we travel to Windhoek, Namibia.

    Windhoek - Including a Panoramic Tour by Safari Truck


    Panoramic tour to Hotel

    On arrival in Windhoek, we meet our guide. Let’s begin our adventure as we transfer to our hotel by overland safari truck (50km) one of the best ways to venture in this beautiful and rugged land. Before arriving we enjoy a panoramic tour along the way.


     This is a small group a maximum of 15 people. Travel is in a small  overland safari truck.

    At Leisure

    Let’s unpack, stretch our legs and get to know our surroundings as we enjoy the rest of the day at leisure. 

    Dinner is included tonight and breakfast is included for each day of our stay in Namibia.

    Scenic transfer to Sousselvlei


    Depart for the Red Dunes of Sousselvlei

    Time: MorningMorning

    This morning we head southbound towards Sousselvlei. Located in the heart of the Namib Naukluft Park, Sossusvlei has some of the highest sand dunes in the world and can inspire an air of isolation and tranquility. The closer you get to your destination, the higher and redder the dunes become. Todays’ journey will be over five and a half hours (330km).

    Get settled in and enjoy the scenic drive

    At Leisure

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    We have arrived! Check in late in the afternoon; soak up the serene atmosphere of this unique location.

    The rest of our day is at leisure to relax after our journey.

    Dinner is included tonight.

    Experience Sossusvlei & Deadvlei


    Guided Excursion to Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and ‘Big Daddy’

    Time: MorningMorning

    Lets see more of this beautiful country! This morning we depart very early, for a guided excursion into Sossusvlei and the Deadvlei to avoid the heat during the day. We arrive early enough to catch the sunrise and have time for some great photo opportunities. The Deadvlei is beautiful with its stark scenery, orange dunes, white cracked ground and the 900-year-old Camelthorn trees coming out of the saltpan, an iconic image of Namibia! You will also have the option to climb the highest dune “Big Daddy” at 325 meters. It is not for the faint hearted and a tough climb, however you are rewarded with a panoramic view of the Deadvlei. For those who prefer not to climb the dunes, you will have free time to explore around the Deadvlei and take in the natural beauty of the area.

    Free time to relax in Sossusvlei

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    After this morning’s early morning start to see the sunrise, we depart the Deadvlei in time for a well-deserved lunch (included).

    The afternoon is free to relax and enjoy our surroundings.

    Dinner is included this evening

    Transfer to Swakopmund


    Swakopmund & Panoramic Orientation Tour

    This morning we depart for Swakopmund one of Namibia’s biggest tourist destinations, it will take around five and a half hours (370 km) drive before we will arrive into the coastal town. Swakopmund is located between the Atlantic Ocean and Namib dunes, it was established by German colonists back in the late 1800s and is filled with historic buildings, landmarks, and museums making this town a great place to further explore in your free time.

    Lunch is included today.

    Upon arrival, experience a one-hour orientation tour of the town before checking in to our hotel in the afternoon.

    Explore Swakopmund at Our Leisure

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Our expert guide will be happy to make suggestions for local restaurants where we can purchase dinner and places to enjoy a drink afterwards.


    Please note - Swakopmund is known for various adventurous excursions. These excursions are not pre bookable with Travel Department and our guides will not be selling these excursions locally.

    Discover Swakopmund – Mondesa Township


    Morning At Leisure

    Time: MorningMorning

    This morning we can explore Swakopmund in our own time as we take a stroll down to the jetty, spend time on the pier and soak up the atmosphere and views.

    There may be the possibility to join in some optional tours:

    See more, with a three-hour optional Living Desert tour which takes place just outside Swakopmund in the coastal dune belt.  Learn about some of the life forms that are not always so easy to spot with the naked eye; from Track Palmato Geckos, sand diving lizards, fog basking beetles, Chameleons, snakes, and spiders, during this three-hour exploration. End the tour with a short dune drive.  Our guide will be happy to provide additional details and help book this optional excursion; subject to availability.

    Uncover Mondesa on a Guided Township Tour

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Uncover more of Swakopmund, on a guided tour of the township of Mondesa.  Meet local people,  hear about their community projects and everyday life in the township.  Learn of the many different tribes that created today’s melting pot of people, tradition and culture in Namibia.  

    Uncover Swakopmund


    Explore Swakopmund at Our Leisure

    Time: MorningMorning

    Today is a day of leisure, our guide will be happy to tell us of further places of interest and options for you to do today.

    There may be the possibility to join in some optional tours:

    Experience a half day optional Sandwich Harbour tour. Take a Sandwaves morning tour, in a 4 x 4 vehicle into the lower Kuiseb Delta hummock- duned valleys, salt pans, into Namib – Naukluft Park (where ocean and desert come together) and Sandwich Harbour Lagoon. Enjoy a refreshing stop in the dunes for a glass of sparkling wine and snacks. There will also be photography opportunities along the way for those budding photographers.

    Please ask your guide for more details on this optional excursion, subject to availability.

    Please note various optional excursions that are adventurous are not sold by our guide locally, or part of our programme. Should you wish to purchase these optional tours, please ensure you have adequate insurance to cover such activities.

    Uncover the Rugged Beauty of Damaraland


    Scenic Transfer Drive to Damaraland - Twyfelfontein

    Time: MorningMorning

    Today’s destination is Damaraland!

    After breakfast we transfer for the untamed and rugged scenery that is Damaraland; the journey will take around five hours (340 km). Take in the scenic beauty during our drive, with the “Brandberg Mountain” as your backdrop. A stop is included along the way to stretch your legs and enjoy lunch (included).

    At Leisure - Twyfelfontein

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Arrive in the late afternoon, the rest of the day is at leisure to further enjoy your surroundings.

    Dinner is included tonight.

    Damaraland and Desert Elephant Safari


    At Leisure in Damaraland

    Time: MorningMorning

    This morning, enjoy a relaxing breakfast and a sleep in.

    For those who want to see more, there is the possibility to book an optional excursion (depending on availability) to the Rock Engravings of the San Bushmen including the Burnt Mountain and the Organ pipes (very similar to the Giants causeway). The rock engravings depict animals and their spoor more than human images. 

    Please ask the guide for assistance and information on booking this locally; subject to availability.

    Guided Desert Elephant Safari

    After our relaxing morning, we enjoy some lunch at the lodge before we go on safari.  

    Join us as we go in search of the elusive Desert Elephant, which can only be found in two places in the world, Mali and Namibia. These majestic animals have adapted to their dry, semi-desert environment by having a smaller body mass, longer legs and rather larger feet to other elephants. They have also been designated as a top priority for their protection by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Keep your eyes peeled and cameras ready!

    Also included is a visit to Damara Living Museum - Daily routine in a traditional museum, including traditional blacksmith (making of weapons and tools), tanning of leather (production of traditional clothes), jewelry and crafts, dancing, singing and traditional games, Holy Fire and fire making and more.

    Return to our hotel, relax and recharge. Dinner is included tonight.

    Transfer to Etosha National Park – South


    Full Day Safari drive, Etosha National Park

    Time: MorningMorning

    Join us on a day of adventure as we transfer to South Etosha, enjoying a  safari in search of all the African animals. The drive will take around four hours (300km), during this time we take the opportunity to search near waterholes, where an abundance of wildlife like congregate, especially in dry seasons. Birders will also love the experience, where more than 340 bird species have been counted in Etosha National Park. Keep your eyes peeled for Black Rhino, Elephant, Lion, Giraffe and even Leopards.

    Enjoy a lunch stop in the park along the way.


    Please note for March 2023 Solo - Two nights will be spent in Etosha South and one night in Tsumeb. We will enjoy a safari in Etosha and a full day safari on the way to Tsumeb.

    At Leisure

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    Check into our accommodation and enjoy more free time at leisure, immerse yourself into our African surroundings, relax and unwind after an adventurous day.

    Dinner is included tonight.

    Etosha National Park East


    Transfer to Etosha National Park East

    Time: MorningMorning

    After breakfast we transfer to Etosha National Park East, the third biggest park in Africa, the drive will take approximately four hours (275km). The park is home to many species including the endangered black rhino and even leopard. It is also is one of the few places where animals still roam freely and unrestricted by human influence. Relax sit back and enjoy the scenic drive towards our hotel. Lunch is included today.

    At Leisure

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    On arrival to our hotel check in, relax and enjoy your evening at leisure, dinner is included tonight.

    Etosha East National Park


    Etosha Safari Game Drive

    Time: MorningMorning

    Experience more on a four-hour guided game drive, in an open truck, one of the best ways to enjoy a safari and makes a great opportunity for taking photos! Take in the beauty of this natural landscape and the variety of wildlife, in wide open grasslands, large camel thorn and Mopani trees and an enormous salt pan, that can be seen from space! The diverse vegetation accounts for the abundance of wildlife that thrives in the park. Lunch is included today

    At Leisure in Etosha

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    After the excitement of your safari, take time to relax and enjoy your African surroundings.

    It may be possible (depending on availability) to book an extra game drive, your guide will be happy to assist you.

    Dinner is included tonight.

    Transfer to Otjiwa - Enjoy a Game Drive


    Discover more wildlife on a Safari Game Drive

    Time: MorningMorning

    In the morning transfer towards Otjiwa (320km); the drive will take around 4 hours. Arrive in time for lunch (lunch included). There will be a two-hour game drive included today in an open truck searching for wildlife.

    Otijwa Safari Lodge is one of the oldest game farms in Namibia, and offers around 25 species, including the white rhino.

    Dinner is included tonight.

    Okonjima - AfriCat Foundation Tour


    AfriCat Foundation Tour Otijwa

    Time: MorningMorning

    Enjoy a leisurely breakfast. Before lunch we have our first encounter with wildlife on a guided tour of the AfriCat foundation in Okonjima. The AfriCats’s Carnivore Care Centre, rescues and rehabilitates carnivores. The centre offers a second chance in hope that the animals they rescue can be released back in the Okonjima Nature Reserve.

    Lunch is included today

    Evening at Leisure

    Time: AfternoonAfternoon

    After our excursion to the AfriCat Centre we return to our hotel and enjoy our final evening in this enchanting country.

    Tonight join our fellow travelers for our final dinner (included).

    Transfer to Windhoek Airport


    Depart for Home

    Time: MorningMorning

    We say farewell with fond memories of our journey through the Highlights of Namibia, with an early morning transfer for our flights home.  

    We depart for Windhoek Airport, the drive will take us approximately five and a half hours (260km). Sit back relax and savour the last of the changing scenery before we catch our flights home. 

    Arrive Home


    Arrive home from your once in a lifetime safari adventure!

    * We aim to operate your tour itinerary according to the format shown. Occasionally, local conditions and unexpected events may result in adjustments to the planned schedule. We kindly ask for your understanding and flexibility in the event of any changes.

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