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Georgina Willcox | 30 June 2022
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‘The Rainbow Nation’ was a term coined by Desmond Tutu to describe the new multi-culturalism of post-apartheid South Africa and the coming-together of the various backgrounds of the South African people. South Africa is a fantastic country to visit as it’s full of natural beauty, diverse landscapes, national parks, lively cosmopolitan cities and has an amazing food and wine culture. Check out the highlights below which you can experience with us during our guided holidays to South Africa.

Stay in Cape Town

Explore Bo-Kaap district

Cape Town, aka ‘The Mother City’, is a cosmopolitan and historic city; it’s the first place in South Africa where European colonists visited. One of the top things to do in Cape Town is to explore the V&A (Victoria & Alfred) waterfront, which was named after Queen Victoria’s second son when he visited in 1860 as a Navy officer. It’s a working harbour which has an abundance of shops and restaurants offering a variety of local and international cuisines. Visit the colourful Bo-Kaap district, which dates back to the 1760s and has a mixture of Cape Dutch and Georgian architecture. It used to be known as the Malay Quarter and its rental houses were built and leased to slaves, known as the Cape Malays. All houses had to be white, but once this rule was lifted, and the slaves could buy the properties, to express their freedom they painted their houses in bright colours. Other Highlights include Greenmarket Square, District Six Museum, Castle of Good Hope and Company Gardens. Cape Town is also a perfect base from which to enjoy some of the top day trips in South Africa. 

Take an excursion to Table Mountain

Visit Table Mountain

Possibly South Africa’s most famous landmark and one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature, Table Mountain. It got its name due to its flat top and at 600 million years old, it's one of the oldest mountains in the world, even older than the Andes and the Himalayas. Depending on the weather conditions, take a cable car to the top of the mountain to experience the spectacular views of Cape Town and the Atlantic Ocean.   

Spot the Big Five on a Safari

See elephants on Safari in South Africa

The ‘Big Five’ consists of the Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhinoceros. This term originally meant they were the five most difficult and dangerous animals to hunt on foot; it would be incredibly lucky to spot all of them! Enjoy a game drive and see other incredible wildlife in Kariega Game Reserve or in Aquila Private Game Reserve on our solo traveller holiday to South Africa.

Visit Robben Island

Guided tour of Robben Island

Located almost 7km off the coast in Table Bay, the island is where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years imprisoned for opposing the aparthied regime. We will have a guided tour of the island and museum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and learn more about this infamous prison which held many political prisoners.

Experience The Garden Route

Guided Garden Route Tours

The Garden Route is the ultimate South African road trip, it stretches from Mossel Bay in the Western Cape to the Storms River, nearly 300km along the coast and its name is due to its vast range of wildlife and flora. The numerous water basins along the coastline feature lakes, lagoons, mountains, tall forests, rivers and golden beaches.

Go Whale Watching in Hermanus

Whale Watching in Hermanus

Whale watching in South Africa is very popular, as there are over 30 species of whales and dolphins that frequent its shores, the most common being humpback whales. One of the most famous spots for whale watching is Hermanas, as you don’t even have to be on a boat and can easily see them from land. There’s even a whale crier to let the tourists know when the whales are approaching the shore.

Enjoy wine tasting in Stellenbosch

Wine tasting in South Africa

Wine tasting in South Africa is a must do experience and you will be spoilt for choice; South African wine is highly regarded around the world and there’s a fantastic variety to suit all tastes. Take a scenic and historic drive through the local wine regions and most importantly, enjoy some wine tasting! Discover Stellenbosch, the City of Oaks or ‘Eikestad’ in Afrikaans, the second oldest town and the wine capital of South Africa.

Have an encounter with African Penguins

See African Penguins on Cape Point

On our guided Cape Peninsula excursion, we’ll discover some of the most breath-taking scenery in the world! We’ll drive along the coast route, overlooking the rocky peninsula and take in the stunning views of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans along the way. We’ll visit Cape Point, Boulders Beach for an up close and personal encounter with African Penguins.

Discover Cape of Good Hope

Cape of Good Hope Excursion

With one of the most romantic names in the world, the Cape of Good Hope was discovered by the Portuguese navigator Bartholomeu Dias in 1487 while trying to find the seaway to India. Initially given the name ‘Cape of Storms’ because of a storm that almost wrecked the ship on the cliffs, King Juan II renamed it the ‘Cape of Good Hope,’ with the vision that this sea route to India would be well-travelled one day.

Travel the Outeniqua Pass

See  Outeniqua Mountains in South Africa

Outeniqua is a mountain pass which connects the coastal town of George with Oudtshoorn and the Little Karo. The name Outeniqua is believed to be derived from a Khoisan tribe who lived in these mountains and means "they who bear honey".  There is an abundance of wildlife In the Outeniqua range, such as klipspringers, grey rhebuck and Cape sugarbirds.  

Take a once in a lifetime adventure, see awe-inspiring sights in this wonderful diverse country and experience some of the top highlights on our guided South Africa tours. 

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