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Highlights of Spain's Costa de la Luz

More than your average beach resort!

Facing the Atlantic in the region of Andalucía, the Costa de la Luz is renowned for its beaches and sunshine, and a popular hub for golfers, sailing and watersports. But there's more to this sun worshipper's paradise than meets the eye. The Costa de la Luz has a rich maritime and Moorish history, with a wealth of activities available in the area that make it far more than just a beach resort. Here are a few of the things you can get up to on a holiday to the Costa de la Luz that make this part of Spain a truly special destination.

1. Seville

During my visit to the Costa de la Luz, I was really looking forward to visiting Seville and it didn’t disappoint! Seville can be reached by train, bus or car and takes about an hour and a half, definitely worth a visit. There is so much to see and the city oozes with Spanish culture and history.

In my opinion, one of the best places to visit in Seville is the Plaza de España. This semi-circular brick building was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition and is now used by the government. There are 49 alcoves outside the building each representing a province in Spain. Each alcove is full of pictures made from tiles and are bursting with colour! In front of the alcoves you will see the canal where visitors can rent boats for a trip down the canal – another reason why the plaza is known as the “Venice of Seville”.

There is no way you will come back from Seville empty handed either. It is a great city for shopping, and there are a huge number of large shopping streets with smaller streets veering off in every direction. Here you’ll find an impressive selection of stores selling clothes, shoes, books, accessories, to name just a few.

The city is also the perfect place to take in a Flamenco show. The flamboyant dance is such a huge part of the Andalucian culture, everyone should go to one while in Spain! 

2. Christopher Columbus

History lovers, and anyone interested in Christopher Columbus, should definitely visit the Costa de la Luz. There are a number of places and attractions to visit in relation to the explorer, known in Spain as Cristóbal Colón. Don’t miss:

La Rabida Monastery – The monastery where Columbus stayed two years before his famous voyage. You can trace his steps and see the many rooms where Columbus slept and ate, as well as the beautiful chapel where he prayed.

Muelle de las Carabelas – This maritime museum is located in Palos de la Frontera, a small, charming village located near Huelva. Here you can visit the replicas of the famous ships, the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.


Local Food & Drink

Southern Spain is well known for its delicious foods and drinks. In Seville, you can choose from many restaurants serving a wide variety of local cuisine. Make sure to try these well-known dishes and beverages:

• Tortilla Espanola (Spanish Omelette) – An omelette made of eggs, onion and potatoes, often served as tapas
• Paella – A very popular rice dish among the Spanish served in most restaurants, usually with an option of vegetables, seafood or other meats.
• Gazpacho – A soup made of raw vegetables and served cold, perfect in the hot Southern climate!
• Churros – for anyone with a sweet tooth, churros are fried- dough pastry usually dipped or covered in chocolate sauce.

• Cava
• Sangria
• Vino de Naranja – orange wine made from the oranges of Seville

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