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E-Visa Applications for Turkey

A new facility, supplied by Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, now means that you can pre-purchase your entry visa before travelling. British citizens travelling to Turkey (and indeed citizens of most other countries) are required to purchase a visa for entry to Turkey (cost $20USD) per person). Previously, this could only be purchased at the Turkish airport of arrival. However, thanks to a new Turkish government initiative, now you can avoid queuing and purchase the visa on-line on this website

Please pay particular attention to the passport requirements for entry to Turkey and note that if you purchase the on-line visa and subsequently change your departure dates to dates outside the validity period of your visa or cancel your holiday, you will be required to purchase a new visa and will not be entitled to a refund.

Should you be unable to complete this form online please contact Travel Department and we can complete the form on your behalf. An administration fee of £25 will apply for this service.

Please be advised that Travel Department accepts no responsibility for changes in visa prices, procedures and/or regulations during the time that your visa application is sent to us and subsequently received. Any changes will be advised directly to the customer and any changes in price will be due for payment immediately in order to process the visa application. Travel Department will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of your passport or any document sent by post. We strongly recommend you use An Post swift post or a similar secure service when sending valuable documents by post.

For those that choose to apply for their own visa independently, Travel Department accepts no responsibility for delays caused by incorrect supplication of information and/or delays in obtaining sufficient information to process visas with the relevant embassy. The responsibility lies solely with the customer to supply the correct information on time to the relevant embassy in order to obtain a valid visa for travel. It is the responsibility of customers who choose to apply for visas independently to familiarise themselves with up to date opening hours of the relevant embassy and periodic closures and any changes in price for individual visa applications. Travel Department accepts no liability for any issues encountered by customers who do not obtain a visa in time for their holiday. Customers may be refused entry into their destination if a complete and correct visa application is not processed on time.